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This title in the Studio factory collection will be an indispensable tool for users of the Dreamweaver MX web site creation program. It gives detailed explanations of basic functions (managing text, lists, images, standard and layout tables, forms, < span data-scayt_word="framesets" Data-scaytid="1"> framesets and links) and Advanced functions (using libraries to share items, Cascading style Sheets, time lines, < span data-scayt_word="behaviours" Data-scaytid="2"> behaviours, JavaScript and debugging, optimizing HTML code and how to publish your site on a server).you are a professional in the area of computer graphics or multimedia or you use the software in your free time.The team at < span data-scayt_word="eni" Data-scaytid="3"> eni publishing has designed the Studio factory collection to answer all the questions you ask yourself as you are working with these applications. Each of the books sets out all the features of the software in detail with plenty of pertinent illustrations. You will find them ideal for day-to-day reference. Technical terms specific to the domain covered are defined in a glossary.

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