Saffire Newborn To Toddler Portable Rocker, Multi Color


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This portable rocker is appropriate for newborns to toddlers. It can be extended as the baby grows. It has a low profile frame and calming vibrations soothe the baby like a ride in the car. The reposition seat is closer to the toy bar for more comfortable interactive play. The birdie plug-in toy is within the baby's reach and it detaches for take-along play. Baby can bat at the hanging toys to activate fun music sounds. Toy bar also swings away and can be removed for taking a nap. And the frame extends to a higher position for toddlers to seat upon and can act as a stationery seat. It folds away compactly for taking it around. Suitable for ages 0 - 4 years and can handle maximum weight of 18 kgs.

Low profile frame, appropriate for newborns (can be extended as the baby grows) calming vibrations soothe the baby like a ride in the car

Reposition seat closer to toy bar for interactive play birdie plug-in toy sits within baby's reach, detaches for take-along play

Baby bats at the hanging toy to activate fun music toy bar swings away for naptime removable toy bar

Frame extends to higher position for toddler rocker or stationery seat folds away compactly for carrying it around

Ages 0-4 years maximum weight 18 kg 1 d (lr20) battery not included 2 button cell batteries for dog toy included

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