Programming and Problem Solving Through "C" Lang.

Programming and Problem Solving Through "C" Lang.

Author: Harsha Priya, R. Ranjeet



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Our ultimate aim is that this book should help the buyer of this book to fulfil his or her purpose of buying this book. The excercises and notes in this book take a practical approach in preparing the students of attending DOEACC examinations. We always felt that most of the scoring opportunities lie in the objective type questions, and most of the students find it difficult to solve these objective type questions. In order to bridge this gap, we have come up with a new section called 'Just a Glimple!!' which would contain almost all objective questions that you can think of with respect to the C language. We have tried to be as exhaustive as possible in our effort. Hope you find this section helpful!!!Table Of Contents :1. Overview of Programming2. Algorithms for Problem-solving3. Fundamentals of C Programming, Conditional Statements & Array4. Functions, Structures & Unions5. Pointers, Self Referential Structure & Linked Lists6. File Processing & Pre Processor Directives

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