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About the Book: PHP is a powerful yet easy-to-use tool for creating dynamic web content. The perfect language for projects great and small, PHP is used by Yahoo!, millions of personal home pages, and everything in-between. Best of all, PHP is an open source and runs on Unix, Windows, and Mac OS X. The latest version, PHP 5, Bontains robust support for object-oriented programming, an integrated suite of XML tools, an all-new MySQL extension, web services with SOAP and REST, and hundreds of other improvements. There are so many updates and new features. Therefore, it's difficult to get a handle on all the changes. Documentation is scarce, scattered, and rarely in-depth. This book steadily guides you from the world of PHP 4 to PHP 5, covering what's completely new, what's received an overhaul, and what's just slightly different enough to slip you up. Instead, Upgrading to PHP 5 shows you a complete collection of detailed examples covering all the latest and greatest features of PHP 5. Besides showing off PHP 5, this book also eases your migration from PHP 4 to PHP 5. As a veteran PHP programmer, you have pages and pages of existing PHP code. Not all of it will work perfectly under PHP 5. That's why Upgrading to PHP 5 provides you with detailed side-by-side comparisons between PHP 4 and PHP 5 solutions. This lets you clearly see the exact changes you need to make to your current code. In addition to cover what's new and how it's new, this book tells you why it's new. PHP 5 isn't a change for the sake of change. Upgrading to PHP 5 explains the logic behind the changes and shows how you can take advantage of them to the benefit of your code. Finally, it provides an address book program. This concrete example combines the new features of PHP 5, demonstrating their usefulness in the context of a complete application. The address book shows you exactly how PHP 5 makes it faster and easier to develop more powerful and flexible web applications. The book teaches the reader to

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