Object-Oriented Analysis and Design Through Unified Modeling Language

Author: Gandharba Swain



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The book object-oriented analysis and design through unified modeling language adheres to the B.Tech. And MCA syllabus of jnt University, Hyderabad and many other Indian universities. This book contains twenty chapters. The first two chapters represent the fundamentals of object technology, OOP and ooad and how we are inclined towards object-oriented analysis and design starting from traditional approach and the different approaches suggested by the three pioneers-booch, rum Baugh and Jacobson. Chapters 3 to 18 represent the UML language, The building blocks of UML I.E., things, relationships and diagrams and the use of each diagram with an example. Chapters 19 and 20 discuss a case study "library management system". In this case study one can get a very clear idea what object Oriented analysis and design is and how UML is to be used for that purpose. Br>appendix-a discusses the different syntactic notations of UML and Appendix-B discusses how the three approaches of Bosch, rum Baugh and Jacobson are unified and about the unified process.

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