Learning Computer Programming: It's not about Lang.

Learning Computer Programming: It's not about Lang.

Author: Mary Farrell



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This book is written for aspiring programmers, and teaches basic programming skills that can be applied to any language. It covers the key concepts of loops, functions, pointers, Boolean conditions, the array, and more. There are so many programming languages in use today that it's difficult to decide which one to learn, especially for novices. With this in mind, learning computer programming: it's not about languages focuses on 'programming skills'. The book stresses concepts over language, but still includes examples from the most popular C++, Java, and XHTML (each has its own br>Chapter). using helpful hints, analogies, and exercises, The book gently guides you through the maze of programming techniques, concepts, and pitfalls. Written by a high school teacher, learning computer programming emphasises the most relevant topics for beginners and pinpoints the essentials of programming success.Br>table of Contents: contents: Prefaceacknowledgment1. First things first; 2. Variables: the holders of information; 3. Everything you ever wanted to know about operators; 4. Programming: it's now or never !; 5. True or false: the basis for all decisions: 6. Loops or how to spin effectively; 7. Functions calls: that's what it's all About, get somebody else to do the work; 8. Using functions in graphics; 9. Running out of holders? It's time for the array; 10. But what if things are different? - structures/records and fields; 11. Dealing with the outside world: files; 12. Pointers: who is looking at whom?; 13. Searching: did you find it yet?; 14. Br>let's put things in order: sorting; 15. Recursion: calling yourself over and over again; 16. Html: high level languages and why they are so easy!; 17. C++ objects first, classes later!; 18. Java: it sounds great but what does it do? Appendix a career opportunities appendix B about the cd-romappendix C ASCII chart glossary index Java disclaimerabout author: Mary e Farrell is a full-time teacher at Boston college high school, where she teaches programming languages.

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