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81-70084725 5fc656d193f3043c6dea6712 Keeping Ahead Java Script and VB Script https://cdn2.storehippo.com/s/5b1a00c581a9afd8ff765190/5fc656d293f3043c6dea679f/jf5p6hb.jpg The keeping ahead collection provides invaluable support for the initiation or application of certain fields of computing such as networks, programming language, etc. Clearly structured chapters, precise definitions and practical examples combine to facilitate the assimilation of the various functions and commands. Each manual contains more information per page and is concluded by an index which allows you to find in an instant the information you are looking for.Table of Contents: br>Chapter 1: Introduction a. Origins of the Internet and of the world Wide Webb. What are JavaScript and vbscript? Br>chapter 2: JavaScript, vbscript and the HTML language and XHTML (Hypertext markup language. Basic concepts of JavaScript and of vbscriptchapter 3: structure of the JavaScript and vbscript languages a. Syntax rulesb. Data types and declaring variables and array SC. Operators and expressions. Control structures and statement se. Procedures and functions chapter 4: Advanced use of JavaScript and of vbscripta. Activating scripts upon HTML events 81-70084725
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