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The keeping ahead collection provides invaluable support for the initiation or application of certain fields of computing such as networks, programming language, etc. Clearly structured chapters, precise definitions and practical examples combine to facilitate the assimilation of the various functions and commands. Each manual contains more information per page and is concluded by an index which allows you to find in an instant the information you are looking for.Table of Contents: br>Chapter 1: Introduction a. Origins of C++ programming language going from C to c++c. 'Object-oriented programming chapter 2: differences and similarities between C and c++a. Language elements. Data types and data declarationc. New operatorsd. Functions chapter 3: classes a. Class definition syntaxb. A first case study: the rational classes. A second case study: the string classd. Other principles chapter 4: object-oriented programming a. Deriving classes
Chapter 7: exception. Introduction

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