IT Resources - Implementing XML: Managing and Formatting Data�

IT Resources - Implementing XML: Managing and Formatting Data�

Author: Johhny Brochard



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This book explains how XML works and describes standards that make up the XML specification. Along with descriptions of dtd files and the use of styles (XML and XSL), the book covers the most commonly used XML development techniques, on both the client side and the server side (including XPath, DOM and sax). the descriptions of each standard are illustrated by clear, precise, down-to-earth examples.Br> table of Contents: 1. Introduction2. Xml syntax3. Dtd (document type declarations. Style Sheets5. XPath6. Developing7. New standards appendices about author: Johnny brochard as a programmer and web server administrator, Johnny brochard has a wide experience in developing Internet and Intranet applications. He passes on this experience by training groups of professionals and he has concentrated it into this book, which communications all his enthusiasm for the new technologies.

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