Internet and its Applications with HTML & VB-Script

Internet and its Applications with HTML & VB-Script

Author: Prof. Shashi Banzal



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The book Internet and Its Applications with HTML & VB-Script has been written for people who want to move across the Internet, design the websites and protect corporate databases from unauthorized access. Using real-life case studies, examples, and commercially-available software products, the book is presented as a practical solution to specific, everyday challenges. This book covers network and Internet applications, web designed tools, e-commerce and network security in terms that are easy to understand, using proven technology, systems and solutions. From the client workstation to the Web host to the e-mail server, every aspect of this important topic is examined and explained. The once-daunting subject of internet applications is demystified and applied to today's security challenges, including - Internet basics and evolutions - Browsers and list servers - E-mail & search engines - File transfer protocol - Telnet - Web publishing - HTML, DHTML and XHTML - Java script and VB-Script - ASP and CSS - E-commerce and E-business - Internet security

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