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This book covers the features of HTML5 Canvas, CSS3 graphics, and shows how you can extend the power of CSS3 with SVG. The material in this book is accessible to people who have limited knowledge of XHTML and JavaScript. Companion DVD with source code and graphics. While the material is accessible to those with limited knowledge of XHTML and JavaScript, but more advanced users will benefit from numerous graphics techniques. The book also includes illustrative code samples and illustrations that are useful for web developers and SVG/Flash/Silverlight developers. You'll see examples that help you learn to do the following in HTML5 Canvas, CSS3, and SVG: render bezier curves, apply Colorado and gradients, transform 2D shapes and JPG files, perform animation effects, create 2D/3D bar charts and line graphs, handle mouse events, render HTML5/CSS3/SVG pages in Android, and learn the mechanics of a tic-tac-toe game. A companion DVD contains all the source code and color graphics from the book.

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