Assembly Language Programming for Intel Processors Family

Assembly Language Programming for Intel Processors Family

Author: Vasile Lungu



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This book presents the assembly language for the family of Intel processors, from the 80286 processor to the Pentium 4 processor. All references made to 386, 486, and later processors of the Intel family include, simplicity, the Pentium II, III and IV processors.The first section The internal architecture of the processors: computer system architecture, from the application level to the computer component level; memory architecture; General organization and operating modes of the current superscalar processors, including examples from the Intel family processors, 80286 to Pentium 4 processors; instruction format of the Intel processors and the addressing modes used to obtain the operands.The second part contains a presentation of the assembled language, accompanied by numerous examples.
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Part II. A brief History 1. Computer architecture 2. Virtual addressing and protection mechanism 3. Paging and cache memory management 4. Superscalar processors 5. Intel processor family architecture 6. The interrupt system part II 7. Instruction format 8. Assembly language 9. Segment definition and use 10. The instruction set 11. Assembly language procedures 12. Programs composed of several modules 13. Macroinstruction definition and use 14. Br>conditional assembly directives 15. Data structures in assembly language 16. Bios and dos interrupts 17. Memory resident programs (tsr) 18. Mixing 16-bit and 32-bit code 19. Mmx technology 20. The br>Floating-point unitreferenceindex about author: vasile lungu received his ph.Br>d from the University polytechnics of bucharest, Romania, in 1996 with his thesis 'distributed systems based on microprocessors used in industrial process control.' he is currently a Professor of computer Science at the University in the Department of computer Science and engineering.Previously, he was a chief engineer at peripheral equipment enterprise in bucharest, Romania, working for the Department of electronic systems design.Since 1979, he has taught courses on computer architecture, high-level programming languages, Pascal, C, and assembly language programming.His research interests covers fields such as systems and algorithms for process control, real time systems, and parallel and distributed processing. He has written 18 technical reports on these research themes.Dr. Lungu has published 39 papers at National and international conference and published 19 books and lecture notes on computer and processor architecture, high-level and assembly language programming, and industrial applications.Since 1999, vasile lungu has a collaborative appointment with the romanian Ministry of education and research, being a counsellor in the Department of higher education and academic research. He coordinated two large it projects for the romanian Ministry of education and research.He is an acm member and a national expert evaluator for the National University research Council (which is a member of the European Science foundation).

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