(Un) arranged Marriage (The Originals)

(Un) arranged Marriage (The Originals)

Author: BALI RAI


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Manny wants to be a footballer. Or a pop star. Or write a bestseller. He doesn't want to get married 'Harry and Ranjit were waiting for me - waiting to take me to Derby, to a wedding. My wedding. A wedding that I hadn't asked for, that I didn't want. To a girl who I didn't know If they had bothered to open their eyes, they would have seen me: Seventeen, angry, upset but determined - determined to do my own thing, to choose my own path in life ' Set partly in the UK and partly in the Punjab region of India, this is a fresh, bitingly perceptive and totally up-to-the-minute look at one young man's fight to free himself from family expectations and to be himself, free to dance to his own tune.

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